Agastya Agro Limited


ATRAZINE is a pre & early post emergence Selective herbicide belongs to Triazine based herbicide group. It control wide range of annual grasses & Broad grasses & broad leaf weeds in Maize and sugarcane.
  • Active ingredient :Atrazine
  • Formulation :50% WP
  • Compatibility : Compatible with tank mixed application of common Herbicide
  • Shelf - life :Two years under normal Storage conditions
  • Available packing :500g, 1Kg
  • Application :As pre-emergence within 0-3 days of sowing.
  • Mode of Action :ATRAZINE is systemic herbicide which acts by inhibition of Photo – synthesis of weeds

Product Features

  • ATRAZINE is selective pre & early post emergence herbicide.
  • ATRAZINE is safe to crop at recommended dosages.
  • ATRAZINE controls wide range of weeds which are difficult to control.
  • ATRAZINE improvise grains yield and quality.


Crop Application dose / acre weed
Maize 400-800g Trianthamamonogyna, Digeraarvensis, Echinochloaspp, Eleusine spp., Xantheiumstrumarium Brachiariasp, Digitariasp, AmaranthusViridis, Cleome Viscose, Polygonum spp.
Sugarcane 400-1600g Portuloacaoleracea, Digitariasp, Boerhaaviadiffusa. Euphorbia sp. Tribulusterristris.