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LARVA Which contains the active ingredient Emamactin benzoate Is a semi-synthetic second generation avermectininsecticides. LARVA is a naturally originated insecticides having powerful Control at low use rates of key lepidopteron pests on variety of crops. The Second most damaging insectssfter sucking for vegetable crops arelepidopteran pests which can significantly reduce a crops quality and yield are controlled by LARVA.
  • Active ingredient :EmamestinBenzote
  • Formulation :5 % SG
  • Compatibility : Compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, etc.
  • Shelf - life :Two years under normal storage conditions
  • Available packing :50 gm, 100 gm & 250 gm
  • Mode of Action :Non systemic, penetration is by the Translaminer Movements.

Product Features

  • Highly potent unique foliar insecticide that control caterpillars and worms in cole, leafy and fruiting vegetables.
  • Provides suppression of Liriomyza leaf miners in fruiting and leafy vegetable.
  • Novel chemistry and mode of action with excellent residual control.
  • Anti fee dent action helps crop from feeding damage within few hours of application.
  • Safe to major beneficial insects, thus is component in integrated pest management .
  • Bind tightly to all soils, degrades rapidly, does not leach and does not bio accumulate.
  • Do not apply or allow it to drift onto blooming plants if bees are foraging in the treated area


Crop Application dose / acre Pest
Cotton, chilli, Tamoto, Puless, Okra, Brinjal 100 ml Heliothis & Spodoptera