Agastya Agro Limited


OXYGAN is a selective pre and post emergence herbicide used to control of more that 60 toughest annual broadleaf and grassy weeds in vegetables, fruit, cotton, ornamentals etc.
  • Active ingredient :OXYFLUORFEN
  • Formulation :23.5 % EC
  • Compatibility : To be used as specified in label.
  • Shelf - life :Two years under normal storage conditions.
  • Available packing :100 Ml, 250 Ml, 500 Ml.
  • Mode of Action :Diphenyl-ether herbicide used for broad spectrum pre- and post-emergent

Product Features

  • Flexible tank mixing - Can be mixed with other herbicides.
  • Broad spectrum activity - Continue to be effective & prolong action in soil.
  • Excellent control of both broadleaf & grassy weeds.
  • Complete eradication of select weeds.


645 to 1075 gm in 500 to 750 lit of water per ha.