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SHOOT is selective herbicide used to control most annual grasses and certain Broadleaf weeds in various crops. It is used as pra-emergence, herbicide followed By incorporation into the soil by cultivation irrigation is recommended within 7 days After application.
  • Active ingredient :pendimethlin
  • Formulation :30% EC
  • Compatibility : Compatible with commonly used Herbicides.
  • Shelf - life :Two years under normal storage conditions.
  • Available packing :250ml, 500ml, 1Litre, 5Litre
  • Application :As early Post – emergent application
  • Mode of Action :SHOOT acts by disrupting cell division and Cell elongation in shoot and root meristem. The mechanism involves inhibition of microtubule Formation in cells which results in inhibition of cell Division.

Product Features

  • SHOOTis a broad spectrum selective pre emergence herbicide.
  • SHOOT is effective against grassy and broad leaf weeds.
  • SHOOT has residual control.


Crop Application dose / acre weed
Soybean 1000-1250 ml ----
Cotton 1000-1600 ml ----
Ground nut, Chilli & Onion ---- ----